My Own Experience of Breach of Contract and the Courts

It is my understanding that, where a written agreement is not present, it is important to recognise the precise moment when a contract is formed, as this is when two parties assume contractual obligations and the consequent risk of liability if the terms of the contract are breached.

I lost my youngest son suddenly and unexpectedly in December 2006. I hired a florist to make two floral tributes for my son and an undertaker to provide goods and services for the funeral. No specifications were put in writing by either service provider, but I recognised the precise moment when the contract was formed. It was when both service providers gave me to understand that they completely understood my specifications and agreed to meet my requirements. Both service providers failed to meet what was agreed at the outset.

I provide in the attachment details about the history of my own experiences which I hope will prompt thought about how not to repeat what I did when making my arrangements, and why it may not always be wise to rely on advice from consumer agents alone, when looking to sue for breach of contract for funeral goods and related services.