Can a Will made in the UK simply be ignored by an executor?

Peter Hindley and Susan Goodsell wish to inform visitors to this website that:

Any Last Will and Testament can be legally ignored and bypassed in the United Kingdom, there is nothing within the Laws as they stand today to stop such abuse by any executor.

We have proved that your, a loved one’s or anybody’s, Last Will and Testament is easy to mal administer in England, and we have shown how it can be done, with or without the help of a solicitor. Executors can and are excluded. Even Wills written by solicitors can be ignored; Solicitors, and Will writing agents know this, but they still continue selling this drafting service which is not fit for its purpose. There is no real safeguard that the wishes of the deceased will be adhered to; there is nothing in place to ensure compliance. All this is sadly true and the reason we have written our book; it is in the public’s interest to know the pitfalls we have unearthed.

What needs to be done?

All the British Inheritance Laws need to be changed and/or replaced with Laws that protects and honours the dead: Laws that actually can and will be enforced, Laws that actually work to protect those who write a Will and penalizing those who go against a dead person’s instructions.

We would hate to see what has happened to us repeated although we know that will happen every day until those within the Government and Legal Profession act to rectify matters. Until these much needed changes are implemented we know Wills are mal-administered daily in the United Kingdom and the perpetrators profit, unhindered and walk away scot free with their ill gotten gains.

What can you do?

You can help bring these changes into force by writing the letter drafted at the back of our book and posting it, we give a list of suggested recipients. Nothing will be done to make the change until enough people act: the aide to the Minister of Justice made that quite clear at our meeting in his office.

Our website:

Your will in the UK can be ignored, open your eyes

Our story shows what we have experienced and uncovered while trying to execute Alan Hindley’s Will; it has resulted in a complex 10 year journey that exposes many facets of human nature and the establishment’s workings. You will be amazed and disgusted by what is disclosed within the pages. Please remember that everything is true. Everyone needs to be aware of the immoral reality”.


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